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Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving To-Go

Honey-Brown Sugar Brined Turkey


14# Whole Turkey Brined and Smoked to Perfection 

Fried Turkey


14# Whole Turkey Injected with Peach and Apple Nectars, Fried to Perfection 

Creamy Mashed Potatoes


Gravy Sold Seperatley 

Cranberry Sauce


Quart of Fresh Cranberries Simmered with OJ and Spices 

Whole Pecan Pie


Carved Brisket

Two Drummers' 12 Hour Tender, Smoked Brisket 


Grandma's Giblet Gravy


A Wade Family Tradition, Ultra Smooth and Savory 

Candied Yams


Spiced Buttery Yams Topped with Brown Sugar and Fire Blazed Marshmellows 

Two Drummers Collards with Bacon


Our World Reknown Collards

Whole Pumpkin Pie


Spiral Cut Smoked Ham


Slowly Smoked and Brown Sugar Glazed

Green Bean Casserole


Large Pan of Creamy Green Beans Topped with Crispy Onions 

Old Fashioned Stuffing


Classic Sage Stuffing Just like Grandma Taught Us 

Mama's Waldorf Salad


Quart of Red and Gold Apples, Red Grapes, Toasted Pecans and Celery 

Thanksgiving To-Go 2018