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Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving To-Go

$54.99Honey-Brown Sugar Brined Turkey

14# Whole Turkey Brined and Smoked to Perfection 

Carved Brisket

Two Drummers' 12 Hour Tender, Smoked Brisket 


$59.99Spiral Cut Smoked Ham

Slowly Smoked and Brown Sugar Glazed

$64.99Fried Turkey

14# Whole Turkey Injected with Peach and Apple Nectars, Fried to Perfection 

$9.99Grandma's Giblet Gravy

A Wade Family Tradition, Ultra Smooth and Savory 

$16.99Green Bean Casserole

Large Pan of Creamy Green Beans Topped with Crispy Onions 

$16.99Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Gravy Sold Seperatley 

$16.99Candied Yams

Spiced Buttery Yams Topped with Brown Sugar and Fire Blazed Marshmellows 

$18.99Old Fashioned Stuffing

Classic Sage Stuffing Just like Grandma Taught Us 

$12.99Cranberry Sauce

Quart of Fresh Cranberries Simmered with OJ and Spices 

$16.99Two Drummers Collards with Bacon

Our World Reknown Collards

$15.99Mama's Waldorf Salad

Quart of Red and Gold Apples, Red Grapes, Toasted Pecans and Celery 

$19.99Whole Pecan Pie

$15.99Whole Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving To-Go 2018